Wastewater Purification Institutions


Each wastewater pool contains about 2 million cubic metres of wastewater, with a purification capacity of 30,000 cubic metres of water a day. The institution works automatically, 24/7, including remote control.

The institution receives the wastewater of all of the Negev’s cities and settlements.

The water undergoes a filtration and purification process in several pools, using the gravitation method and aided by imported pebbles that help the purification process.

The purified water is recycled in agriculture, irrigation, parks and gardens in the Negev settlements, as well as for industrial use.

Our project included high voltage and low voltage electricity infrastructure as well as an elaborate control system, which is responsible for maintaining the necessary filtration level for these uses. The control systems knows how to identify the needs of its users and to allow the flow of varied amounts of water needed for the users. The entire work is carried out by remote control. 

More Information

Erecting a wastewater treatment institution requires engineering capability and the integration of electricity and advanced command and control system.

The planning and performing of the work stages, while meeting pre-planned schedules,

contributed to the success of the project and to the establishment of several additional resources in the Negev.