Wholehearted service

Our goal is to provide our loyal customers with the best, most professional service, as well as with the maximum attention they deserve. Our branches and service centers are deployed throughout the country in order to realise this goal. Our services include service contracts and preventive maintenance for equipment. This variety of services allows our customers to foucs on their core businesses and to ensure ongoing, efficient, and credible operation of the electricity system.

  • Bank Hapoalim

    Bank Hapoalim

    In 1996 the main Information Technology Center (computer room) was established. Since 1997 and up to the present day we maintain, upgrade, and handle on site the IT equipment, by using electricity equipment that includes high-voltage system, generators, UPS and cooling systems. As part of the maintenance operations we upgraded the main comptuer room and the backup room. We replaced five UPS units, each unit with a size of 850 KVA.

  • Electronic Signpost

    Electronic Signpost

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  • Super-Pharm


    Our engineers and technicians help our customers, on a regular basis, to identify damaged and inefficient equipment that needs to be replaced or whose performance require upgrading. Such an upgrade allows our customers to enjoy efficient, faultless operation of the entire system. The recommended engineering solution is carried out in accordance with the customer's needs, starting with the most low-level fixes, through rennovating key system components, and up to replacing equipment.