Power Stations


The site is adjacent to the power and switching station of the Israeli Electricity Company, and next to an existing gas piping and underground electricity conduction network 400KVA.

The station includes two manufacturing units in gas turbine technology in an integrated cycle, with a capacity of 417 MW each. These systems are based on the equipment of Alstom company.

The power station offers its customers cheaper electricity by using the existing electricity conduction infrastructure.

More Information

Ardan Projects planned and carried out all of the main electricity room GIS systems, for connecting the power station to the national network in 400KV, while coordinating with Alstom representatives abroad and meeting the strict requirements of the Electricity Company representatives.

The systems in the main room included: advanced air conditioning systems, electricity systems, fire detection and extinguishing systems. In addition, Ardan Projects company planned and carried out the entire lighting array in the entire station. The work included street lighting and lanes on lighting poles, lighting within the turbine structure and the other areas.

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