Olympic swimming pool


Israel's National Centre for Physical Education and Sport caters for the needs of training coaches and trainers, and promotes gifted athletes. Sport medicine, research, and social rehabilitation are inseparable part of the institution’s activities.

The centre is fed by a high voltage line and includes a 1,600 Ampere transformer, which feeds the electricity system in the new building in the Olympic swimming pool.

The project was performed by Ardan Projects and required higher than usual logistic and engineering capabilities, in order to create light output flow and meeting international standards for the operation of an Olympic swimming pool.

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The building’s roof is made of a 20 metres-high metal construction.

The pool holds Olympic competitions, and had 20-metres high light fixtures installed by using special methods. 

An elevated lighting system was erected on site, to provide uniform lighting power to the entire area of the pool. This lighting, which is directed at all directions in order to keep uniform lighting in the competition arena, meets the requirements of television and journalism photographers. In addition, we installed low voltage and high voltage electricity systems.

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