Office Buildings


This area, which is located at the heart of Ramat Hahayal industrial area, hosts many leading companies in the hi-tech, communication, insurance, fianance, and medicine sectors. Some of these companies are considered central pillars of the Israeli economy.

The output of the building’s electricity plant is about 10MW, and the building includes a high voltage plant, transformators, generators, UPS systems, vertical busboards, distribution boards, and light fixtures or outdoor and interior lighting.

Ardan Projects carried out the electricity works at the power plant, while meeting schedules and coordinating with many contractors.

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The low and high voltage electricity works included two main power stations, with a total output of 9.6MW, a power and lighting plant in the public areas and in parking lots, an office facility, laboratories and service areas of Netivei Gas L Israel Ltd company, which included two floors, a layout of vertical busboard feedings to provide for lodgers’ floors, a UPS plant with a total output of 100 KVA, a lighting plant under development, upgrading the energy building layout with a total output of 6MW.

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