As part of the project, a 3000 metet long road was planned, including a 600 meter long tunnel. In addition, the project included handling and planning the shifting of a military lookout, and caring of the lookout’s proper functioning throughout all of the performance stages and at the final stage. Hazeitim Interchange connects between the Eastern Ring Road and the Har Hazofim Road, including catering to the accessibility of Al-Azim square and the A-Tur neighbourhood.

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The Har Hazofim tunnels have 2 lanes in each direction.

Jet blowers were installed for the removal of gases, including gas control systems for operating the blowers used for removing the gases.

We carried out lighting throughout the entire length of the tunnels, a system of underground piping for the installation of cables, a fire detection system, a system of cameras, a public announcement system, ladders for cables on the ceiling, a control system that includes traffic system, high voltage system, an emergency generator and a UPS system.

Low voltage and high voltage rooms were erected.

All systems report to the main control room of the Jerusalem Municipality.

The entire work on Eshkol Tunnels was performed without using jet blowers.