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Hadar Mall in Talpiot was erected in 2001, in Jerusalem’s Talpiot industrial area, and since then continues to grow and develop as one of Israel’s leading malls.

The expansion of the commercial area required the upgrade and expansion of the mall’s entire electricity system. These projects were carried out by Ardan Projects (1985) Ltd.

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To enlarge the mall’s commercial areas, the entire energy array of the mall was expanded. Ardan Projects carried out the enlargement of the primary feeding from the electricity company to the mall, while reducing the times when the electricity is cut off and minimizing the damage to the mall’s active area.

The work carried out by Ardan Projects included the provision of high voltage boards, transformators, low voltage boards, upgrade of the electrical array, communication, detection and so on in the mall’s older area, and connecting this area to the new expansion that was erected.

The project was carried out under tough working conditions, which allow the mall to continue its full operation.

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