Office building - hitech


Microsoft Israel was establised in 1989, as a subsidiary of Microsfot.
The company markets, implements, and supports Microsoft products in the private, corporate, and institutional sectors, and provides technical support.
The electricty projects at the plant include:

High voltage boards, transformators, UPS systems, Server rooms, distribution boards, light fixtures, and extra-low voltage systems.

The works were carried out while meeting short deadlines and adhering to a high standard of work.

More Information

Ardan Projects carried out low and high voltage electricity works, which include two main stations with a total output of 4.2MW, a power and lighting plant in the public areas and in parking lots, office plant, laboratories and service areas of Microsoft company that included 10 floors, feeding layout, UPS plant with a total output of 630 KVA, as well as extra-low voltage systems that included fire detection and extinguishing, emergency public address system, and firefighter’s phone.