Theatre Halls


The Cameri Theatre is Tel Aviv’s municipal theatre and one of the biggest, most significant theatres in Israel.

The electricity layout project was carried out by Ardan Projects, and included:

High voltage board rooms, transformer rooms, generator, distrubution boards (electrical boards), electricity infrastructures in halls, various light fixtures, and extra-low voltage systems.

More Information

Ardan Projects carried out low voltage electricity works, which included lighting and power plant in public areas, an electricyl layout for feeding stage lighting, power, lighting and air-conditioning plant in the theatre halls, power, lighting and extra-low voltage plant in parking lots and in the office buildings, and a generator plant.

Extra-low voltage works were carried out, including fire detection systems, emergency public address system and building management system in the theatre halls, public areas, parking lots, and the office building.

The company erected an extension to an existing high voltage plant, and was responsible for installing power feeding cables and main distribution boards for airconditioning and lighting systems, with a total output of 5MW.