Building office with a server farm


The structure is an existing, active building in Narkis street in Jerusalem, which contains server farms whose functioning is essential to the various security forces as well as to the civil population.

The building was converted to a main nation-wide server farm. Offices were added and the existing offices were upgraded.

The work included gradual dismantling of the existing systems: electricity, communications and a high voltage station, expansion of the building’s main transformation system, replacement of a main electricity board, adding and connecting backup generator, as well as the installation of double UPS systems to 1600A.


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The works for installing a new high voltage systems were carried out at night, while emphasizing the need for uninterrupted power supply, without any downtime periods. This involved, among the rest, operating external generators and using the building’s internal systems.

The building remained active throughout the entire work time, and required coordination and timing with all various elements at Bezeq in all necessary activities.



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